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Basic (Free) Checking

Basic Free Checking – It’s easy to save money with Basic Checking. This is the perfect no-frills Checking Account with no charge per check, no minimum balance required, and no monthly or annual fee. All you do is make deposits and write your checks. Monthly e-statements and duplicate check copies ensure perfect record keeping.

Members choose from a variety of check styles, without the excessive markups in price. Free direct deposit service gives members immediate access to their deposits even if the credit union is closed. New Horizons Credit Union offers a special overdraft protection plan (ODP). See below for direct deposit and ODP details.

Premier Checking

Premier Checking – In exchange for a minimum balance of $2,500.00, New Horizons Credit Union will pay you a competitive dividend rate on your Checking Account deposits. Just like a Basic Checking Account, you’ll receive monthly e-statements and have overdraft protection (ODP) available. Our Premier Checking Account also offers duplicate check copies for ease of reconciliation. Utilize the free direct deposit service and have immediate access to account deposits even if the credit union is closed. There is a service charge for each month your average balance is below the required minimum. See below for Direct Deposit and ODP details.

Second Chance Checking

Second Chance Checking – For members who are trying to establish or re-establish their credit. Enjoy the convenience of unlimited check writing for paying bills and purchases. Free ATM/Debit Card:  allows 24/7 account access.  Utilize free direct deposit to eliminate the 10 day check hold.  No Shared Branching access. Basic or Premier Checking upgrade available after 6 months.

*Restrictions apply. Overdraft protection is not available with this product. See below for direct deposit details.

Click Here For 2nd Chance Checking Disclosure Details

Check Cashing Policy

Only New Horizons Credit Union and Shared Branching members may cash checks at the credit union.

When cashing a check, members may receive cash back in an amount equal to or less than their available account balance. If the check amount is more than the available balance, the remainder of the check must be deposited and is placed on a short hold. Please refer to the terms of our Funds Availability Policy for complete details. Click Here For Funds Availability Policy Details

Overdraft Privilege Policy

Avoid returned checks, ACH and excessive service fees that may occur by a third party. Overdraft Privilege is a courtesy pay feature. Should your checking account overdraft, we will pay overdrafts including overdraft fees up to $500 negative balance.  The overdraft fee is $30 per item. After the 30 day grace period if the account is not brought current; Overdraft Privilege will be revoked and an additional $4.00 per day will be assessed. Members must call the credit union to have Overdraft Privilege manually reinstated to the account. It is important to understand that members must “opt in” and qualify to receive this service for their Debit card transactions. Call the credit union to speak to a Member Service Representative and request ODP today!

Direct Deposit

Choose Direct Deposit and your funds are automatically deposited in your account. It’s simple, fast, safe, secure and always on time! Simply complete a direct deposit form and turn it into your employer’s “Human Resources Department” to get started. Click Here For A Direct Deposit Form.

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